I never know the answer to "what do you want for ______". Neither does my wife. I created the Wishlist web application to make it easier to share gift ideas between people from a central place.

It also gave me a excellent opportunity to get my feet wet with the MEAN stack.

It's free for anyone to use, so check it out!

HTTP Requests

The HTTP Requests project is a collection of Java libraries that attempts to accomplish an HTTP client abstraction, much like Slf4J did for logging. Application authors can use this library to make HTTP requests and swap the backend as necessary. Library authors may use this library to not impose implementation requirements to users of their projects.

The library includes bindings for Apache's HTTP client, Jersey 1, and Jersey 2. Integrations for Spring Boot are available, and conversions using Jackson and Groovy built-ins are provided.

RabbitMQ Native for Grails

The rabbitmq-native plugin for Grails allows for easy integration with the RabbitMQ message broker. It provides a powerful message conversion system and the ability to easy connect to multiple brokers within the same application.

I used this plugin at my job to implement a message-based API gateway architecture, which gave us the ability to write microservies with automatic load balancing before the microservices architecture gained ground.

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