Announcing http-requests 2.0

Published August 01, 2018Bud Byrd10 min read

Lately, I’ve been hard at work refactoring the http-requests library in an effort to simplify the codebase and limit its scope in order to make it more maintainable. I also wanted to broaden the audience that might be able to take advantage of the library and its approach. After a critical review of the state of the library, I’ve completed version 2.0 of the library.

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Introducing The http-requests Library

Published May 12, 2016Bud Byrd10 min read

I’ve recently put a lot of work into a new library I’ve named http-requests. I had previously written a project called jersey-request…

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Simplifying Jersey Client with a builder-style syntax

Published February 08, 2013Bud Byrd10 min read

I recently looked into an issue my friend was having with an HTTP call and its failure to correctly convert JSON. The conversion problem is…

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